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Touch Screen Assemblies

Customer's may select a display, and Melrose will recommend a touch screen, or vice versa.  And Melrose will manufacture the associated graphic overlay or membrane switch.
Melrose touch screen assemblies include the touch screen, graphic overlay, membrane switch and on occasion the display.
Melrose shines in touchscreen assembly.  Melrose laminates optically clear adhesive (OCA) in the 10 micron gap between the overlay and the touch screen.  The purpose of filling the gap with OCA is to reduce light refraction, eliminate Newton rings, and moisture intrusion, and protect the touch screen from failure or cosmetic damage.

Melrose applies the OCA in our class 10000 clean room. A clean room is a necessity to ensure good yields and high quality OCA lamination.
Printing a matrix of transparent spacer dots on the backside of the overlay is a choice for eliminating Newton rings in front of the touch screen.
Touch Screen Technology:  Melrose will advise you on the appropriate touch screen technology (e.g., resistive, capacitive etc), size and manufacturer to marry with your overlay, membrane switch and display requirements.  
Graphic overlays in front of touch screens  are printed polycarbonate, polyester, or glass bezels with OCA or spacer dots between the overlay and the touchscreen.  Printing can include eye catching graphics, reflective silver inks, and static buttons actuated by the underlying touch screen.  

4 and 8 wire resistive touch screens will fail if their top surface is damaged.  Graphic overlays protect from this failure mode.
Membrane switch functions outboard of the touchscreen incorporate all the benefits of graphic overlays and add additional features.  (e.g., dead front backlit images, indicator LED's, and buttons that can operate independent of the touchscreen/display power.  
Thank you for learning about Melrose.  We look forward to your e-mail or call! (800-826-7741)
Thank you for learning about Melrose.  We look forward to your e-mail or call! (800-826-7741)