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Melrose Nameplate & Label Co.  All Rights Reserved.
26575 Corporate Avenue
Hayward, CA 94545
FAX: 510-732-3111
Melrose backlights membrane switches with light guide film, electroluminescent, and fibre optic technologies.  These technologies provide even backlighting without hot spots.
Dead front printing is used to hide graphics when membrane switch backlights are switched off.

Membrane Switch Backlighting

light guide film (LGF) layer behind the overlay selectively directs LED generated lighto buttons and other backlit features.
Electroluminescent backlights use AC current to excite phosphors and generate wide area illumination.
Flat fibre optic bundles can also create wide area illumination.
Low profile 7-Segment displays are integrated with LED and diffusing ink constructions.

Consult with us at 800-826-7741 or e-mail us.  Ask for a design guide.  Check out samples for design ideas.
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Call us or e-mail us for a quote or consultation.  Ask for a design guide.