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Melrose Nameplate & Label Co.  All Rights Reserved.
26575 Corporate Avenue
Hayward, CA 94545
FAX: 510-732-3111
Melrose UL Label Features:
  • Indoor and outdoor. 
  • Secondary customer printing with UL recognition.
  • No charge for color.
  • UID barcodes (2-D),  standard barcodes and numbers.
  • Polyester, aluminum, polycarbonate, vinyl.

Underwriter's Laboratories Labels

100% Digital Processing
  •   No tool or plate charges.
  •   Short production lead times.
Our engineers are available 6am to 5pm Pacific (M-F).  Give us a call 800-826-7741 or e-mail an engineer and we will  recommend a suitable UL label.
1.  Authorized Label Suppliers Program- PGAA.LP3173.  This program confirms to our customers that UL has authorized Melrose to print the UL logo and all the UL logo variations.  Learn more.

2.  Marking and Labeling Systems - Component- PGDQ2.MH15654
  • Melrose has 30+ label constructions that have been tested by UL.
  • UL confirms that Melrose UL labels meet requirements for a particular indoor  or outdoor environment, and application surface.
  • Customers using the appropriate Melrose UL label have confidence that label compliance will not create issues with UL.  They reduce risk, and save time and cost in the UL new product certification as well as during regular UL audits.  Learn more.

Our ISO 9001:2008 registration gives our customers confidence of consistently high quality.
Companies avoid Underwriter's Lab certification issues, and save testing time and cost by using labels from Melrose.   Melrose is certified by UL under Marking and Labeling Systems  UL 969 for the three critical UL label categories. (i.e., PGAA, PGDQ2, PGJI2)
3.  Printing Materials - Component- PGJI2.MH49192.  
  • Melrose labels in this catagory are similar to those in category 2 above (Marking and Labeling Systems-Component)
  • Labels in this category supplement those in category 2 above in that these labels allow the customer to thermal transfer print (black ink) an attractive Melrose preprinted label.
  • The customer imprinted label maintains full UL compliance.
  • Typical customer imprinted information include:  model number; serial number; bar codes; q codes.  
Give us a call 800-826-7741 or e-mail an engineer and we will  ecommend a suitable UL label.