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Melrose Nameplate & Label Co.  All Rights Reserved.
26575 Corporate Avenue
Hayward, CA 94545
FAX: 510-732-3111
Please call and engineer at 800-826-7741 or e-mail to discuss your design with an engineer.

Melrose can ship graphic overlay prototypes for mechanical and capacitive switches in 5 to 10 days.

Click here for design ideas.

$500 overlay prototype includes:

  • Feature and material selection engineering.
  • 5 parts.
  • Overlays with velvet or matte finish, and unembossed buttons.
  • Velvet texture display and LED windows.
  • Approximate color matches (no limit on number of colors).
  • High performance adhesives.
  • Assumes mostly complete vector graphic and dimensional files supplied by customer.
About Us
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About Us
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Optional Prototype Features

Printed overlay features
  • Selective texturing around gloss windows
  • Dead fronts (areas that show only when illuminated)
  • Special printing effects (flake metallic, reflective metallic, exact PMS match)
  • Tinted LCD windows
Buttons & Keys
  • Button or other embossing
  • Epoxy or urethane capped keys
More on Graphic Overlays
  • Engineering
         Materials & adhesives
         Printing and color matching

Graphic Overlay Prototype

  • Electroluminescent back lighting
  • Fiber optic back lighting
Overlay/touch screen combination
  • Large size:  17”x23” to 48”x48”
  • Environmental, electrical, or mechanical reliability testing
Rigid Graphic Overlay For Capacitive Switch: 2nd surface printed; .118" scratch resistant HP92S polycarbonate; blue tinted display window and key illumination panels.  No adhesive; Routed finishing
Graphic Overlay For LCD Display: 2nd surface printed; .007" scratch resistant Autotype gloss EBG polyester.  Selectively textured around blue tinted LCD window.  3M  .002 9471MP adhesive (for smooth low surface energy surfaces)selectively applied around window; die-cut
Graphic Overlay For Mechanical Switches: 2nd surface printed; SABIC .010" 8a35 fine velvet polycarbonate with .002 3M 467MP adhesive (for smooth high surface energy surfaces); die-cut; no windows
Graphic Overlay For Mechanical Switch