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Melrose finishes our metal nameplates fabrication using matched metal tooling, steel-ruled dies, and lasers to create internal cutouts, asymetric perimeters, serial numbers, bar codes, and embossed features. Adhesive backings and mounting holes are universal.  

Standard finishing of anodized nameplates results in non-anodized holes, cutouts, and perimeters. Anodizing can be done after finishing to create a fully anodized part.

EmbossingMelrose can provide decoratively embossed aluminum nameplates. .020” is the typical thickness. Embossing is usually combined with attractive screen printing and/or aluminum anodize finish options (e.g., reflective, brushed, tinted, fully or colored)

Mounting holes: Metal nameplates greater than .020” in thickness (aluminum) and thinner if stainless or brass are used are typically supplied with mounting holes.

Adhesive: Adhesive may be ordered on nameplates of any thickness. For plates thinner than .005” we typically specify a .002” (3M 9502 or 467MP) permanent acrylic adhesive. For plates between .010 and .063 or when applied to textured surfaces we generally suggest a .005” adhesive (3M 468MP or 3M9505). And for heavily textured surfaces, we offer foam adhesive backings of .025” in thickness.  

The adhesives reflected above presume that the surface be applied to is “high surface energy” (e.g, most metals, engineered plastics, and paints).  And environmental exposure is not extreme.   Some uses involve  low surface energy (e.g., uncrosslinked plastics, some powder coats),  or extreme environmental exposure.   Melrose will recommend the correct adhesive for you application.

Corners: Metal nameplate fabrication can be supplied with square or radius corners at an increase in cost.

Specially shaped nameplates can be fabricated using class 1 hard tooling or with laser or waterjet cutting methods.
Metal Nameplate Processing

Metal Nameplate Fabrication