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Membrane Switch Electrical Design

Capacitive buttons, sliders and wheels eliminate moving parts in a membrane switch.  Checkout this video.
Circuits:  Melrose's silver on polyester circuits can include .5mm connectors, & double sided circuitry.   Tri-color LED's; low profile 7 segment displays, resistors, and sensors can be surface mounted. Polyamid flex circuits and rigid  boards are common.
Shields:  ESD shields bleed charge to ground, and EMI shields attenuate electric fields.  Shields are produced with printed conductive inks, laminated metals, conductive adhesives, and transparent films

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Consult with us at 800-826-7741 or e-mail an engineer.​  Ask for a design guide.  Check out samples for design ideas.
Backlighting:  Melrose's membrane switches often incorporate backlighting.
Touch Screens:  Membrane switches assemblies with touch screens enhance touchscreen value.