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Melrose Nameplate & Label Co.  All Rights Reserved.
26575 Corporate Avenue
Hayward, CA 94545
FAX: 510-732-3111
Melrose manufactures graphic overlays, control panels, and keyboard overlays to world class quality standards, with any feature at an economical price.  We can produce 10 prototypes in five days or fewer for $500.

Our sales engineers will assist you in specifying features appropriate for your graphic overlay.  

Some options include:

  • Graphic overlay materials are 2nd surface printed on clear materials.  Overlay materials include polyester, polycarbonate, and acrylic from .005” to .125”+.  They are available in gloss, matte, and various velvet textures.  UL Fire rated polycarbonate is also available.  Click for details.

  • Graphic Overlay Adhesives will vary with surface texture, surface energy and expected external environmental conditions.  (e.g., UV light, salt spray, low temperatures).  Click for details.

  • Graphic Overlay Printing can be done with digital, screen-printing, or a combination of printing processes.  click here for details.
  • UV digital printing utilizes creates fine gradients, and full color images.  It is most economic for lower quantity, multicolor parts.  It can be combined with screen printing to create special effects (e..g, metallics, opacity)

  • Screen-printing offers opaque PMS matched colors, selective texturing of gloss materials, reflective metallic inks, and is economical for longer runs
  • Graphic Overlay Shielding of underlying circuitry from EMI/RFI interference or sudden ESD discharge can be achieved through the printing of conductive inks, lamination of conductive materials, and use of conductive adhesives. click here for details.
  • Gloss, glare reducing matte, color tinted, and scratch resistant
  • Viewing through optically clear adhesives, air gap separated by spacer dots
Dead Front Windows are used when the design requires attracting attention with images or text that are illuminated only under certain circumstances.  click here for details

Graphic Overlay Embossing of switch keys, LED windows, and graphic features, (from 1 to  1.5 times material thickness)  

Overlay Assemblies: Melrose can engineer graphic overlays in combination with sheet metal subpanels, printed circuits, and molded plastics.  click here for details. 
  • LCD Windows and Lenses Windows and Lenses
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