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Melrose Nameplate & Label Co.  All Rights Reserved.
26575 Corporate Avenue
Hayward, CA 94545
FAX: 510-732-3111
Melrose combines brushed, reflective, and matte finished aluminum with etching & anodizing to create beautiful aluminum logo plates. Anodized colors may include natural aluminum (silver), gold, and other colors. Anodized nameplates are corrosion and abrasion-resistant.  

Beautiful effects can be created by selective dying, acid etching, diamond carving, engraving, machining and embossing prior to anodizing and full-color printing 

Stainless steel and brass are also commonly used as the substrate for Melrose's decorative metal parts.

Melrose decorative metal parts are used in consumer promotion (e.g., to embelish printed promotional materials) as well as industrial products.
Metal faceplate.  Aluminum with background etched; logo natural, then anodized.
Aluminum Bezel fabricated and anodized pink
Etched and clear anodized aluminum metal nameplates
1. etched brass nameplate
2. etched stainless nameplate
3.  Faceplate:  Fine pitch hole perforations in aluminum and black anodize
4.  etched background clear anodized aluminum nameplate
5 stainless steel etched background & filled with black paint
Metal Bezel (aluminum with transparent blue acrylic insert)
Second Surface printed lexan with tinted lens; etched and clear anodized; printed and embossed gold anodized aluminum
Etched background and anodized aluminum nameplate
Acid Etched 304 stainless steel nameplate
Printed, then embossed aluminum
Black copy etched and filled;   Surface unetched orange
Zinc Die Casting with black paint fill
Thin (.003") colored anodized aluminum logo letters with adhesive backing

Metal Brand ID Nameplates

Click On Image For Larger View and Description
Click On Image For Larger View and Description
Melrose engineers are available 6am to 5pm Pacific (M-F).  Please give us a call 800-826-7741 or e-mail an engineer.
Melrose manufactures 2D & 3D brand identity metal nameplates using electo-forming, electo-etching, embossing, and die-casting processes.  
Our engineers and designers are available 6am to 5pm Pacific (M-F).  Please give us a call 800-826-7741 or e-mail an engineer.  
Melrose's Brand Identify Nameplates Types:

  • Contoured
  • Etched Aluminum
  • Etched Stainless

Melrose brand identity nameplates are finished with plating, printed colors, and diamond carved milling